Numbering more than 38,000, our alumni are incredible. You’re a force across the state and around the globe. Your support helps us prepare the next generation to change the world.

You Make Us Proud

You’re actors and archivists, bakers and bankers, translators and teachers, musicians and museum directors. No matter how you’ve built your life and career since graduating, one thing is clear: you share a passion to think and do.

We’re proud of how you embody the humanities and social sciences, and our college. Help us continue to foster intellect and innovation by supporting our students, faculty and programs. 

Opportunities for Giving  


The college recognizes an outstanding alumnus each year with our Distinguished Alumnus Award. We honor our recipients during NC State’s annual Evening of Stars Gala. To nominate an accomplished graduate for his or her career achievements, community engagement or service to NC State, please contact the Humanities and Social Sciences Development Office at Marcy_Engler@ncsu.edu or 919-513-1478. 

  • 2019: Jane Rogers, B.A. English, 1969
  • 2018: John Ward, B.A. Communication, 1991
  • 2017: Therese Fowler, B.A. Cultural Anthropology, 2000, MFA, 2005 
  • 2016: Gentry Smith, B.A. Political Science, 1983
  • 2015: Vivian Howard, B.A. English, 2000
  • 2014: Bob Geolas, B.A. Multidisciplinary Studies, 1987
  • 2012: Susan Rabon, B.A. Political Science, 1982
  • 2011: Nora Shepard, MFA Creative Writing, 2005 
  • 2010: Susan Carter, B.A. Political Science, 1981
  • 2009: Jack L. Cozort, B.A. Liberal Arts, 1972
  • 2008: Dick Carr, B. A. English, 1970
  • 2007: Perry Safran, B.A. Political Science, 1972
  • 2006: Ralph E. (Benny) Suggs, B.S. Psychology, 1969
  • 2005: Barbara Goodmon, M.A. Liberal Studies, 2000
  • 2004: Terry Gannon, B.A. History, 1985
  • 2003: Sandra Harding, Ph.D. Sociology, 1994
  • 2002: Julia T. Wood, B. A. Communication, 1972
  • 2001: Gordon Smith, III, M.A. Rural Sociology, 1974
  • 2000: Ann B. Goodnight, B.A. Political Science, 1968
  • 1999: Sylvia A. Adcock, B.A. English, 1981
  • 1998: Ronald E. Spivey, Jr., B.A. Political Science, 1982
  • 1997: Larry D. Barbour, B.A. Political Science, 1971
  • 1996: Pamela Denning, BA. Social Work, 1982
  • 1995: Michael Pedneau, B.A. Political Science, 1973, M.P.A. 1975
  • 1994: Philander D. Chase, B.A. History, 1965
  • 1993: Peaches Gunter Blank, B.A. Political Science, 1973, M.P.A, 1974
  • 1992: A. Leslie Cox, Jr., B.A. English, 1972
  • 1991: William T. Kretzer, B.A. History, 1986
  • 1990: Burley B. Mitchell, Jr., B.A. Political Science, 1966

Distinguished Alumnus Award Winners

Jane Rogers
John Ward
Therese Fowler
Gentry Smith
Vivian Howard

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